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Fuel Wholesale

The storage life of diesel and gasoline was historically measured in years, not months like it is now.  Currently there is growing is evidence to indicate that after six months of storage there is an increased incidence of contaminants found in the fuel and a significant decrease in quality.

When your business is built on providing quality fuel, you need to ensure that both your fuel and your tanks are kept clean, so that microbial growth, water, emulsions, scale, sludge, and rust are not accumulating in your tanks and fuels.

Supplying clean fuel without cleaning the storage tank, can leave behind a layer of microbial growth on the tank walls and bottom that can re-contaminate the clean fuel. This is why, while conducting fuel polishing ChemKleen also employs the use of proprietary nozzles to remove microbial growth from the storage tank’s walls and bottom. We utilize purpose-built nozzles for gentle rinsing to removal of the toughest residues; we have a tank cleaning solution for tanks up to 30m (100’) in diameter.