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ChemKleen Safety Solutions

ChemKleen Safety Solutions

ChemKleen Safety Solutions provides Safety Personnel and Consultants that establish lasting relationships with our clients. ChemKleen Safety Solutions works together with Management and Staff to ensure that our Safety Programs are the most current and are implemented in the most efficient and Professional manner.

ChemKleen Safety Solutions provides customized programs by personnel that will work with you on a daily basis. Every Consultant hired by ChemKleen Safety Solutions goes through an extensive screening process focusing on their education, work experience, personality, ability to interact with others as well as undertaking advanced competency exams.

ChemKleen Safety Solutions Consultant VS. Company Employee:

  • With a ChemKleen Safety Solutions Consultant you can rapidly increase or downsize your workforce which is a cost effective and efficient way to manage labour.
  • Employees are entitled under the employment standards legislation to: statutory holiday and overtime pay, paid vacations, etc., which are not expected by contractors.
  • Also ChemKleen Safety Solutions Consultants do not require input on their Stat Pay, RRSP contributions, Bonuses, Severance, Human Resources recruiting, Payroll Administration, Computers, Cellphones, Vehicles, Fuel, PPE, etc. from your company.
  • ChemKleen Safety Solutions Personnel will provide ongoing professional, efficient, reliable services for your company while ensuring consistent workplace safety management.
  • ChemKleen Safety Solutions has a full team of Safety Professionals available from Pre-Project Planning to Project Completion. Our teams are trained and prepared to provide you with the detection, prevention and the response you require and deserve.

ChemKleen Safety Solutions Teams Include:

  • Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP)
  • National Construction Safety Officers (NCSO)
  • Project Safety Coordinators
  • Safety Advisors
  • Safety/Spark Watch Personnel
  • Gas Detection Personnel
  • Air Quality Technicians
  • Lease Security
  • Road Block Personnel
  • Rover Personnel
  • Safety Administrators
  • Equipment QC Technicians
  • Turnaround/Shutdown Coordinators
  • H2S Safety Supervisors
  • High Angle Rescue Technicians
  • Confined Space Rescue Technicians

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