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EPC Projects (oil/gas, power generation, mining and municipalities)

Such large Projects are considered straightforward to ChemKleen Engineering Division, due to the know-how and experience of our well trained team.

The professional steps for achieving the target of quality, with minimum cost and meeting the clients time table are concluded in the following sequences;

  1. Preparing high quality engineering and design services, in terms of calculations, drawings, accurate bill of quantities, material selection, specifications and equipment data sheets.
  2. Skills in preparing the request for quotations and ordering the material and equipment considering all system parameters, design and site conditions.
  3. Constructing the project, taking into consideration the specifications, codes and standards procedures, construction quality and meeting the time table without any delay.
  4. Testing and commissioning the project in small and large scales, using the hands of the highly qualified and understandable testing and commissioning team.
  5. Handing over the project on time, considering any punch list raised by owner / consultant representation.
  6. Warrantee the project as set forth in the tender and project specifications and addendums.