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Industrial Fluids Reclaiming

ChemKleen Environmental Solutions provides advanced, on-site fluid reclamation services that returns your contaminated, weathered or otherwise degraded industrial fluids back to specifications similar or equivalent to newly manufactured or fresh product.

Fluids that we commonly reclaim include:

  • Coolants – including ethylene and propylene glycols
  • Desiccants –  such as triethylene glycol (TEG), diethylene glycol (DEG), ethylene glycol (MEG), and tetraethylene glycol (TREG), as commonly used in natural gas dehydrators.
  • Solvents – used in parts cleaning etc.

We offer a full range of industrial fluid reclaiming services that are professionally scoped to meet your specific needs. Our systems and equipment are fully mobile and allow us to service small to very large systems. We can service remote locations by plane, helicopter, ship, or barge, often with no interruption to equipment operations.

Benefits include:

  • increased equipment run-time & reliability
  • reduced operation & maintenance costs
  • extend equipment and tank life
  • reduces the need to buy replacement fluids
  • saves costly disposal fees and saves resources
  • it’s efficient, cost effective and smart.

Every litre of contaminated fluid you reclaim using the ChemKleen Processing System is a litre you don’t need to buy and a litre you don’t need to dispose of.