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Marine Fuel Tank Cleaning

Chemkleen offers a full range of fuel polishing and storage tank servicing to the marine sector, whether it is shore- based storage and handling or ship-board fuel systems.

On-board fuel tanks are usually located in hard to reach areas. ChemKleen systems are designed to operate and clean in areas with a minimum of overhead clearance. ChemKleen’system can access storage tanks through openings as small as ¾” and can reach even the tight areas and compartments behind your fuel tank’s baffles.

If you currently have a contaminated fuel or a contaminated tank, ChemKleen’s goal is to get you up and running again without having to remove the storage tank or having to incur the cost and loss of time to dispose of the contaminated fuel. If ChemKleen Technicians can’t reach every square inch of your tank with our fuel polishing system and proprietary spray nozzles, due to your baffle configuration, we can often install a leak proof inspection plate to access the isolated areas of your tank to ensure a complete and thorough cleaning.

Boaters often ask us how often they should clean their storage tanks?

This is influenced by several factors, including temperature, frequency of use and other conditions. The storage life of modern fuels is unfortunately measured in months now, not in years like it was in the past. For more information on this please visit our Blog. If your boat has seen regular use and is running fine, you can get an indication of your fuels condition by inspecting your fuel filters. If your filters are clean and free of water, you are probably good for a while longer.  If there is evidence of contamination in the filter, or if the fuel in your boat has not been used for six months or more, we recommend that you schedule a ChemKleen Technician to inspect and/or clean your boats fuel system.

Dirty fuel or dirty storage tanks on a boat, barge, or ferry can create unacceptable operational, safety and environmental risks.  Contact ChemKleen Environmental Solutions for cost-efficient, environmentally responsible solutions for your boats and marine crafts fuel systems and storage tanks.

ChemKleen’s Marine Service cleans shore-based storage tanks from 50 Liters to 1,000,000 Liters and up. If you currently have a large volume fuel issues that you would like addressed without a re-fit, ChemKleen has cost effective, timely, environmentally friendly, Solutions. Please contact us to find out more.