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Tank Inspections (API)

ChemKleen Environmental Solutions can provide a full range of tank, pressure-vessel and piping inspections.  The results of this testing can provide peace-of-mind and inform of any upcoming maintenance or remedial repairs needs, allowing you to plan and budget before it is too late.

Our inspectors are all fully certified in accordance with API-653 / 510 / 570 / NB and are knowledgeable in the processes and familiar with the chemicals, products, and failure mechanisms associated with the applicable storage tank, pressure vessel, or piping to be inspected.

As all projects are different, various testing may be conducted in accordance with the following standards and specifications:

  • API 650 – Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage
  • API 651 – Cathodic Protection of Above Ground Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • API 652 – Coating of Above Ground Petroleum Storage Tank Bottoms
  • API 653 – Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration and Reconstruction
  • API 2015 – Safe Entry and Cleaning of Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • API 2207 – Preparing Tank Bottoms for Hot Work
  • API 12D – Field Welded Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids
  • API 12F – Shop Welded Tanks for Storage of Production Liquids
  • API 620 – Design and Construction of Large Welded Low-Pressure Storage Tanks
  • API 650 – Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage
  • API 653 – Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration, and Reconstruction
  • API RP 575 – Inspection of Atmospheric and Low-Pressure Storage Tanks
  • API RP 580 –   Risk-based Inspection
  • API 571 –  Damage Mechanisms
  • ASME Section V Non-destructive Examination
  • ASME Section IX – Qualification Standard for Welding and Brazing Procedures, Welders, Brazers, and Welding and Brazing Operators
  • SP-001 – Standard for the Inspection of Above Ground Storage Tanks
  • UL-142 Steel Above Ground Tanks for Flammables and Combustible Liquids
  • ChemKleen Environmental Solutions Inc. NDE Procedures

Equipment and Apparatus
The following equipment may be utilized to perform tank inspections:

  • Magnetic Flux Leakage MFE 2412 or MFE 1212 scanner
  • Ultrasonic testing instruments
  • Survey equipment
  • Penetrant Testing equipment
  • Magnetic Particle Testing equipment
  • Leak Testing equipment – i.e. vacuum box, helium, etc.