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Got water in your hydraulic fluid?

Dry it out with WaterMag!

WaterMag—Molecular Water Absorber

You know water in your hydraulics is bad — So dry it out with WaterMag.

  • Increase Reliability
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Lower Maintenance Costs

Finally, there is a simple, safe, inexpensive way to get the water out of your hydraulic systems. WaterMag uses patented zeolite technology to attract and hold water at the molecular level. The small pellets contained in each WaterMag are actually advanced technology water adsorbers. When placed in lubricating oil or hydraulic fluid –

WaterMag will attract and hold dissolved, emulsified,
and free water.

WaterMags will not react with mineral oils, synthetic oils, or additives. Each WaterMag can make a huge difference in the reliability and life of your equipment.

Drop in—Dry out—It’s just that simple!

Please call us to discuss the part number, quantity and price.

How to Use WaterMags

  1. Determine the required number of WaterMags based on your system size (or use optional water tables).
  2. Open the foil packet and install 1 WaterMag in each Stainless Steel split tube Carrier.
  3. Attach the stainless steel retrieval cable to the large hole near the retention screw. Attach the other end of the cable to an anchor point outside of the tank.
  4. If more than one Carrier is required, link Carriers top to bottom using the stainless steel split rings provided.
  5. Lower WaterMag(s) into your hydraulic tank. They may lay on the bottom of the tank or hang vertically below the tank headspace.
  6. To change the WaterMags, use the retrieval cable to lift them from the tank and lay them on a clean surface. Open each carrier and replace the WaterMag. (Dispose of WaterMags per the same regulations governing your hydraulic fluid disposal. WaterMags do not contain any hazardous substances.)
  7. Change WaterMags based on the following schedule:

Initial System Dry-up

1. After 3 days replace WaterMags
2. After 6 days replace WaterMags
3. Then change to Routine Maintenance intervals

Routine Maintenance

Change WaterMags at 30-90 days or sooner if:
1. Oil Analysis indicates >300ppm water
2. Positive crackle test
3. Fluid becomes cloudy

WM20G 812036020521 Starter Kit: 20 Gallon (1 Split Tube Carrier, 3 WaterMags)
WM40G 812036020538 Starter Kit: 40 Gallon (2 Split Tube Carriers, 6 WaterMags)
WM60G 812036020545 Starter Kit: 60 Gallon (3 Split Tube Carriers, 9 WaterMags)
WM3 812036020552 Refill Kit: 3 WaterMags
WM6 812036020569 Refill Kit: 6 WaterMags
WM9 812036020576 Refill Kit: 9 WaterMags
WM12 812036020583 Refill Kit: 12 WaterMags
WMC 812036020590 Split Tube Carrier (includes tether and split ring)

Please call us to discuss the part number, quantity and price.

WaterMag Also Works in Lubricating Oil

WaterMags only remove water (Dissolved, Emulsified and Free). They have no effect on Hydraulic Fluid base oil or Additives.


  • Adsorbs 2 oz. (60ml) of water
  • 13.875” (347mm) long
  • 1.125“ (28mm) diameter