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Fluid Sampling and Analysis

ChemKleen Environmental Solutions can provide fluid sampling and analysis services for most of your fuels and fluids including: diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, coolants, glycols, lube and hydraulic oils.

Fuel Sampling performed by ChemKleen helps to ensure that your stored fuel meets the requirements of the National Fire Code section and your equipment needs and is performed to CAN/CSA C282-05 standards.

To ensure that the fuel is up to industry standards and to prevent engine damage, ChemKleen’s fuel sampling and analysis services determine the quality of sampled fuel and will confirm if the fuel is within manufacturers’ specifications and is safe for continued use. The analysis is presented with a confidential comprehensive explanation of the test results compete with recommendations when applicable. This analysis should be performed whenever fuel quality comes into question, such as when there is an abnormal amount of smoke, power loss or other serious difficulties in engine operation. Or when your initial fuel sample fails the “Clear and Bright Test” performed by a certified ChemKleen Technician during fuel servicing.

The “Clear and Bright Test” is a visual sample that is CAN/CSA approved under ASTM standard D-4176 following Procedure 2. This sample gives ChemKleen Technicians a visual idea of what is happening with the fuel and the storage tank. By performing a “Clear and Bright Test” initially on all storage tanks serviced, Chemkleen Technicians always have the most up to date information in regards to the condition of your fuel and storage tanks.  This way our ChemKleen Technicians always know what the current problems are in your fuel and storage tanks and can implement the correct solution for the identified problem. In the case of extreme contamination a sample is taken and sent to a certified laboratory to confirm the source of contamination and a reclamation plan is produced based upon the results of the analysis.